Wednesday, March 23, 2005

sunday soccer

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The gang's all here!

Tried some soccer last sunday which resulted to some interesting play (try to defend your ball while being scared to death by an oppoent screaming his way towards you), cheers and dancin' on the field (how can you play with Nelly's music in the background?) and a couple of spills (my sprained ankle, is doin' fine, thanks), not to mention some newly-formed friendships.

Cha was such a kewl "soccer mom" with her gummi treats and support (complete with picture-taking -- thanks Cha!), Deb was fantastic as a teammate, my sweetie such a trooper (and an amazing goalie!) , Edel and Dave adding fun factors to the game and Aileen a great player!

The Sunday soccer peeps were one accomodating bunch, considering we kinda "joined" them on a whim. They were, from what i gathered, professionals whose love for the game unites them every sunday, and compels them to meet up at the field near Moro gym.

We even got to play with Silvio, this guy from Mauricius, who turned out to be pretty serious about the competition (kinda waned my fun level a tad after a while). For me, it was more about the fun of it all --- he kinda zapped that after some time playin'. Nonetheless, the competitive spirit jolted some of the more serious players into getting into the game and playin' more aggressively.

Can't wait til next sunday! :-)

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